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Transend sell 1E PC Power Management Software and offer Project Management services for Green IT initiatives.
We love everything to do with sustainable computing - either using technology solutions that drive more sustainability or buying, using and disposing of your IT in a more sustainable manner.


 Save $27 per computer per year in electricity

If your organisation has 100 or more PC's and wants to save on average $27 per PC, per year in electricity then consider implementing 1E NightWatchman Enterprise and be delighted with an outstanding return on investment.

An independent audit was conducted by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority at Kiwibank. The results confirmed that an average of $27.32 per PC, per year would be saved.

“Before committing to the project we really did our research on how we could make cost and energy savings through our PCs. We looked at many different systems and software. The PC energy management solution has exceeded our expectations in savings and we have had not a single complaint from users. The implementation and company-wide deployment was a success.” – Esme Petelo Head of IT Management Support

Our services include:

  • Reduce IT infrastructure energy use
  • Project Management for Green IT/Sustainability initiatives

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