1E Issues PC Wake Up Call to Smartphone Generation

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Web WakeUp™ Guarantees Anytime, Anywhere Remote Access to PCs
London & New York, 18th February 2010, - 1E, a leading provider of software and services which reduce organizations’ IT costs and environmental footprint, today announced that Web WakeUp, a software tool which enables remote users to securely power on their office PCs from home through a web interface, has taken the ultimate next step in user empowerment.
Web WakeUp functionality is now available ‘on the move’ guaranteeing secure user access to a PC from anywhere at any time.  Using the remote Wake-on-LAN availability management solution, users can now take control of their working day from the outset and ‘remote in’ to their office PCs to wake them up via mobile internet devices such as Apple’s iPhone®. This eliminates the need for users to wait for PCs to boot up in the morning and giving them additional incentives to power down at night. 
A 1E commissioned study into PC power management conducted by Harris Interactive and supported by the Alliance to Save Energy found that almost half (44 per cent) of employees who use a PC at work in the UK and half (50 per cent) in the US do not power down their PCs for a variety of reasons including the fact that ‘it takes too long’, their internal IT department ‘doesn’t want them to’ or simply because they ‘haven’t been told to’.
NightWatchman from 1E enables organizations to automate the PC power management process and garner significant cost - on average $36 [£23] per PC per year - and energy savings as a result.  It is the industry’s leading PC power management solution, which has over four million licensed users worldwide and has saved 1E customers a cumulative USD$360 million [£230 million] in energy costs alone. Used in conjunction with Web WakeUp for remote availability management, NightWatchman simplifies an organization’s PC shutdown and patch management needs. 1E solutions contain a variety of built-in features to prevent unnecessary user downtime and disruptions including:
Data protection – ensuring that user data is saved and backed up in the event of inactivity
Invisible user activity checks – power management is only applied if the user is not there
Computer Health™ and optional self-healing functionality - which ensure that signs of PC hardware deterioration, Operating System failure and trends in performance can be detected and reported before becoming critical problems
“Two of the biggest barriers to PC power management today are the concern that user productivity may be affected and a ‘just in case’ mentality which prevents users from shutting down their PCs at the end of a working day. PCs that are not powered down block the potential cost and energy savings that organizations can make from power management, says Sumir Karayi, CEO, 1E. “Web WakeUp on the move puts the individual user in the driving seat, giving them more control of PC availability and making power management options much more accessible”.  
Now installed in over 5 million seats worldwide and at several 200,000+ seat organizations, the 1E WakeUp solution, of which Web WakeUp is a component part, is proven and scalable technology for securely powering on PCs for successful software updates. By working in synchronization with Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007, 1E WakeUp increases delivery success and visibility of PC health.
About 1E
1E helps its clients reduce IT costs and environmental footprint. Our expertise in providing leading-edge automation solutions, which reduce complexity, management costs and power consumption, has earned us the trust and confidence of over 12 million licensed users across 1,100 businesses in 42 countries worldwide. Customers include AT&T, Allstate Insurance, CSC, Blue Cross, British Airways, Dell Inc., DWP, HSBC, ING Investment Management, Marks & Spencer, Microsoft, Nestlé, Reed Elsevier, SABMiller, Syngenta, the US Air Force on behalf of the Pentagon and Verizon Wireless.  For further information, please visit www.1e.com
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Being environmentally sustainable makes economic sense, and Transend believes that Green IT should be a priority for every company looking to reduce costs.  Our clients reduce their impact on the environment while at the same time saving money and increasing their competitiveness in the market.
Founded in 1997, Transend achieves Green IT and environmental sustainability for our clients by recommending and supplying technology that is greener to produce, distribute and deploy, by identifying energy efficiency, consumption and waste reduction opportunities, and through environmentally sound disposal or re-use of obsolete equipment (referred to as e–waste). Transend helps clients become more sustainable with their Green IT through the supply and support of internationally leading technology solutions, such as the best in class PC and Server power management software from 1E as well as the latest developments in greener technology from IBM, Acer, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard and many more. We are New Zealand's leading Green IT specialists. www.transend.co.nz