NightWatchman Benefits


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Do you need to reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint across your organization?

Do you need to demonstrate and report accurately on cost savings and reductions in CO2 emissions?

Do you need to do all this without disruption to IT administration or end-user productivity? 

  • Rapidly lower bottom line PC energy costs, save energy and reduce CO2
  • Understand your business, with fast, accurate reporting on current costs, energy and CO2 usage
  • Reduce costs further, with detailed PC shutdown scenarios and suggestions for potential savings
  • Reduce administration time by powering down every PC or Mac automatically overnight
  • Drives 24/7 PC power management, cost savings and efficiency gains across your organisation
  • Deliver a complete picture of the true cost of electricity and CO2 emissions
  • Maximize power savings by powering down to any desired state, including hibernate, standby and off
  • Minimise the opportunity for virus infiltration, enhancing security and compliance
  • Integrate power saving software with existing systems management platforms
  • Scheduled shutdown, suspended or hibernation delivers total flexibility

 Dell Case study

Dell implemented NightWatchman® on 50,000 computers, achieving:

  • A 40% reduction in energy consumption
  • A repeatable cash saving of £1.1m ($1.8m) per annum on electricity

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