WakeUp is included in NightWatchman Enterprise. WakeUp can also be purchased on its own to guarantee patch success.
Patch every machine instantly day or night and maximise user productivity with healthy and available PCs

Reliable patch management ensures healthy and available PCs with minimum disruption to your users. WakeUp, a Wake on LAN solution, reduces the burden of administrator support while dynamically maintaining Computer Health to ensure that your users always remain productive. This Wake on LAN solution enables you to rapidly deploy patches across your network out-of-hours and automate routine maintenance and software distribution. These are important factors which free up your IT team to concentrate on other work.

Automatically wake and patch every machine
Uses Wake on LAN to instantly power on and patch PCs out of hours, cutting patch times and improving administration.
Guarantee deployment success
WakeUp delivers 100 percent patch distribution success across every machine in the network.
Simplify systems administration
Integrates with existing systems management software or operates using its own management console.
Support secure environments
Common Criteria certified and the only solution available to support reliable Wake on LAN for PCs on 802.1x secure VLANs.
Significantly cut patch times
Use Wake on LAN to deploy in hours and minutes, not days and weeks.

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Product FAQ


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1E WakeUp video and more case studies

Eye care specialist Vision Service Plan implemented WakeUp Wake on LAN to improve their software distribution success rate from 75% to nearly 95%, saving $45,000 in the first six months of deployment

“The 1E products we are using have been absolutely reliable – patch management now has a 100 per cent success rate and our bills are coming down.” Erling Brandt Kjeldsen, University of Southern Denmark

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