1E WakeUp Benefits

Do your users frequently complain that their PCs are unresponsive or slow?

Do you need to proactively maintain the health of every computer on your network to reduce downtime?

Do you need to rapidly deploy patches across your network out-of-hours, without user disruption?

  • Drastically reduces the cost of software and patch deployments, with an ROI in under twelve months
  • Wake-on-LAN utility delivers 100% distribution success
  • Cuts patch times from weeks or days to hours and minutes
  • Enhances security by ensuring all your PCs are always available for critical patches to be deployed immediately
  • Boosts productivity by improving the health of your PCs so your users experience much less disruption
  • Delivers complete visibility of the network through customisable reporting
  • Improves the user experience with remote wake up and remote access to PCs
  • Maximizes productivity gains by waking PCs a few minutes before users arrive in the office each morning

“WakeUp allows the entire desktop estate to be patched within the time required. WakeUp is an essential compliment to systems management.“ Matt Jeavons, Wolverhampton City Council

Case study
Eye care specialist Vision Service Plan implemented WakeUp™ to deliver:

An improvement in their software distribution success rate from 75% to nearly 95%

Savings of £30,000 ($45,000) over the first six months

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