1E awarded framework contract by UK Government for IT Power Management Solutions

OGC urges public sector workers to conserve electricity through smarter PC use
Released on 21/05/2008

New pan-government framework to assist the switch-off of PCs when not in use could save up to £10.2 million per year

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has launched a new campaign to encourage the public sector to work smarter for the environment when using PCs. It is estimated that by switching-off PCs when not in use annual energy cost savings of up to £10.2 million and carbon emission reductions of up to 55,723 tonnes could be achieved.

As part of the campaign, a new pan-government deal for IT power management solutions, led by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has been awarded for a system that allows the automatic shut down of PCs during non-working hours to reduce wasted energy. Called "Nightwatchman", the software also allows public sector organisations to monitor daily PC energy consumption and provides activity reports to show energy cost and carbon savings. The framework is a result of cross government collaboration sponsored by DCMS and supported by the OGC's Collaborative Procurement Energy and ICT team.

The campaign is part of wider OGC work on sustainability through its Centre of Expertise in Sustainable Procurement (CESP), which was announced earlier this year. The CESP will help Government departments achieve their targets for reducing carbon emissions and waste across the Government estate. The campaign also ties into the Cabinet Office agenda for greening government IT.

Commenting on the new strategy, OGC chief executive, Nigel Smith said:

"The challenge to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions across the Government estate is only going to be met by a number of measures, with CESP taking forward a culture of change across all departments in sustainable operations and procurement.

"The new strategy to encourage public sector workers to switch-off their PCs together with the new deal for IT power management solutions will play a small but important part in meeting the Government's sustainability targets."

Public sector organisations wishing to access the framework can get more information by simply searching for "Nightwatchman" in OGC's easy to use Contracts Database.

Notes to Editors
New IT power management solution deal

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), in collaboration with the OGC's ICT, Energy and Sustainability category team have awarded a new pan-government IT power management framework to 1E. This deal is available to all public sector bodies from 2nd May 2008 for a period of four years, and allows easier access to contracting the services at a discounted rate.

The framework provides access to the shut down software, known as "NightWatchman", as well as other 1E products such as 1E WakeUp, which integrates with NightWatchman, to enable IT managers to 'wake up the system' to allow software updates, critical and security patches and operating system upgrades to be applied during non-working hours, and then shut down again once the upload is complete. These solutions can be obtained as a package or separately.

A report by National Energy Foundation (NEF) indicated that around 20-30% of computer users in Britain do not switch off computers.

Based on an estimated number of computers of around 1.13 million (source: Cabinet Office), in the public sector, by switching-off PCs when not in use annual energy cost savings can be made of up to £10.2 million and carbon emission reductions savings of up to 55,723 tonnes (based on £9 or 114.68KWh per PC each year being wasted).

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In March of this year the government announced the creation of a new Centre of Expertise in Sustainable Procurement within the OGC alongside a new post of Chief Sustainability Officer, which will drive forward a culture of change across all departments in sustainable operations and procurement.


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