New Global Citizenship Website and report from HP

6 May, 2011

Well done to HP for putting together a portal for all their sustainability acitivites, reports and solutions.

Take a look here

HP has reported on its global citizenship programs, performace and goals for 10 years and this year they have also released this website - Global Citizenship Website and Report

The wesbite highlights HP's commitment to global issues, the environment and society and encourages visitors to learn more about what they can do to make more responsbible choices and to reduce the environmental impact and costs of computing and printing.

The website also acts as an interactive CSR report, featuring five essays, each exploring HP's response to an issue with far-reaching implications for our business, the information technology industry and the world at large.

We quite like the carbon calculator which, if you have HP products in your PC fleet you could get a good idea what they are costing you

Go and take a look

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