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1E Video Case Study: John A Glowacki, Corporate Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, CSC

1E Video Case Study: Donnie Taylor, Team Leader at Dell: Systems Management

Written Case Studies

Download Kiwibank 1E Case Study

As part of its wider sustainability programme, Kiwibank researched ways of reducing energy use across its extensive PC network.

The installation of PC management software which automatically shuts down PCs at night has been a huge success - resulting in estimated savings of 163,800kWh and $24,570 in electricity costs per year. It will also prevent 33 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

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Download Dell on Dell Briefing 

Dell is firmly committed to meeting energy conservation benchmarks in manufacturing its products. The company is also determined to conserve energy within the corporation by improving the power management of approximately 50,000 in-house computers. “We want to take an industry-leading approach to energy conservation,” says Jay Taylor, senior engineer global strategist at Dell. “The technology is now available to make significant improvements in conservation, and we set out to deploy that technology to both conserve energy and cut costs.”

Department of Children, schools & Families

The UK government’s Department for Children, Schools and Families found that many of its PCs were being left on unnecessarily overnight and at weekends. As part of the target for all government offices to be carbon neutral by 2012, the Department is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and setting an example to others to advocate emission savings.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

Deployed by 1E as part of a Devon and Cornwall Police and SunGard Public Sector Facilities Management ICT project, a more robust IT infrastructure plus reduced power consumption proved a winning combination for Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.

HSBC - NightWatchman Case Study

NightWatchman from 1E was deployed on 300,000 PCs. The total number of global PC shutdowns on weekdays and weekends achieved with NightWatchman from 1E in 2009 was 9,346,534. This saved $1,090,180 in energy costs; 201,885,139 hours of computing power; 7,267,865 kWh of energy and 3,125,182 kg of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

NHS Oldham

The Oldham Integrated Care Centre (ICC), which opened in November 2009, is one of the largest primary care facilities delivered by the Local Improvement Finance Trust initiative in the UK. The centre opened in November 2009 and is enabling NHS Oldham to make a step-change in the way healthcare is delivered in the borough. One key challenge was to put technology at the heart of the project.

NHS Oldham will be able to reduce energy costs by £41,000 in the first year and reduce its carbon footprint by around 800 tonnes per year by deploying NightWatchman from 1E across 350 desktops.

Peterborough City Council

Peterborough City Council estimated that 30% of its PCs were being left on unnecessarily. In conjunction with 1E, Peterborough City Council looked at a simple, cost-effective and immediate solution. The NightWatchman® software solution enables the automatic, centralized power management of PCs across the ICT infrastructure. The benefits quickly achieved by the authority in its goal of reducing its carbon footprint and providing an example to others to advocate emission savings included a reduction of £50k on electricity costs and 250 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.

Princess Alexandra Hospital

The Princess Alexandra NHS Trust, based in Harlow Essex, was established as an NHS Trust in April 1995. It is a District General Hospital providing a range of services including intensive care and neonatal cots, plus community paediatric and midwifery services to the local communities. The Trust is in close proximity to the M11 and operates from a number of different locations including the main site in Harlow, together with outpatient and diagnostic services throughout the region. The Trust provides care and treatment to a population of nearly 258,000 people, employs 2,887 staff and has a turnover of £143million.

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