Press release: Transend Brings Market Leader 1E NightWatchman Desktop PC Power Management to NZ

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Transend recently announced their Exclusive Sole Representative Agreement with 1E Australasia distributor, AH Technology Pty Ltd to bring to New Zealand users 1E’s outstanding solutions for Intelligent Windows Management. 

1E the leading international vendor, based in the UK, helps businesses to reduce the cost of owning Windows computers and their expertise in providing leading-edge automation solutions which significantly reduce complexity, management costs and power consumption, has earned the trust and confidence of over 15 million users in 42 countries worldwide. 

“We are passionate about doing what we can to help reverse or reduce the negative effects computers have on our environment,” says Matthew Johnson, Managing Director at Transend Ltd. “Not only is this by encouraging our customers to make greener hardware purchasing and environmentally sound disposal decisions, we also encourage our customers to reduce PC energy use, and therefore their energy costs and carbon emissions using centralised PC Power Management software” 

Research shows that up to 50% of desktop PCs in a typical large company are left on needlessly, and that desktop computers and monitors account for up to 40% of an organizations total ICT energy bill. 

 1E excels in it’s Central Power Management solution, 1E NightWatchman. The software will help organisations reduce bottom-line energy costs, save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Clients will also benefit by protecting their network through automated PC health checks and 100% software deployment success. With complete organisation and location-based reporting, management has clear visibility over the entire PC network to identify current and future potential savings. 

 1E solutions are used by many corporations large and small, with 20+ of them managing more than 100,000 PC’s from one server. Amongst the larger users are Microsoft (200,000 copies), Dell (50,000), AT&T (300,000), Nestle, HSBC, British Airways, Queensland Police and many others.

 At a time when every organisation around the country is searching for ways to reduce costs, NightWatchman is one of the easiest possible ‘quick Green ICT fixes’ recommended by the Gartner Group, Forrester Research and the Gershon report to the federal Government (Australia). It brings with it both considerable cost savings as well as a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

 “We evaluated many of the solutions available to NZ organisations and 1E certainly excels worldwide in performance, customer support and end user price. We have found 1E software to excel in every aspect of it’s performance” say’s Matthew Johnson of Transend Limited.


Matthew Johnson
Managing Director
Transend Limited

 About Transend
Being environmentally sustainable makes economic sense, and Transend believes that Green IT should be a priority for every company looking to reduce costs.  Our clients reduce their impact on the environment while at the same time saving money and increasing their competitiveness in the market.
Founded in 1997, Transend achieves Green IT and environmental sustainability for our clients by recommending and supplying technology that is greener to produce, distribute and deploy, by identifying energy efficiency, consumption and waste reduction opportunities, and through environmentally sound disposal or re-use of obsolete equipment (referred to as e–waste). Transend helps clients become more sustainable with their Green IT through the supply and support of internationally leading technology solutions, such as the best in class PC and Server power management software from 1E as well as the latest developments in greener technology from IBM, Acer, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard and many more. We are New Zealand's leading Green IT specialists.