Victoria University of Wellington rolls out IT energy efficiency project for 3700 PCs

September 17, 2014

Victoria University of Wellington Chooses 1E to Support Cross-Campus IT Energy Efficiency Initiatives

New Zealand University Saves 619,000 kWh/year, Realizes ROI on Implementation in 1.5 years

1E the global leader in IT efficiency software, today announced that Victoria University of Wellington has selected and successfully implemented 1E’s NightWatchman product as part of its on-going energy efficiency initiatives. In partnership with New Zealand-based partner Transend Limited, who deployed NightWatchman across 3,700 PCs, saving the University 619,000 kWh per year.

“NightWatchman is a key component of our wider University commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability”

“NightWatchman is a key component of our wider University commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability,” said Jenny Bentley, Director of Campus Services of Victoria University of Wellington. “It was an off-the-shelf solution that was ready to go and easy to install, while also meeting all of our requirements for integration with the IT network, interface with users, reporting of performance and the delivery of energy savings.”

After nine months, the power policies deployed through NightWatchman have successfully helped Information Technology Services (ITS) with power management across its estate. Through the remote wake-up function of NightWatchman, the University has also recognized a much higher success rate of software installations across its nearly 3,700 PCs.

“Victoria University of Wellington has shown great enthusiasm around reducing energy consumption and improving its green IT initiatives,” said Matt Johnson, Project Manager of Transend. “At Transend, our focus is around ICT sustainability, so we were thrilled to work with the University on this implementation project. We’re glad to see organizations in New Zealand taking these steps toward a common goal of running IT more efficiently.”

“We’re seeing a greater focus on power management and energy efficiency among our partners and customers,” said Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E. “As organizations in the region put more of an emphasis on sustainability, we’re pleased to help make their goals a reality. Partnering with Transend to help Victoria University achieve its sustainability goals has been a great example of the cost and energy realizations that are possible with green IT initiatives.”

NightWatchman monitors, analyzes and reports on power usage and energy consumption across enterprises and at a granular, device-by-device level. It automatically creates baseline cost-saving projections from part of the on-boarding process, equipping organizations with a roadmap to improving efficiencies. For more information, please visit

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