Conflict Minerals Rankings

There are many reasons why you should choose products that adhere to stricter environmental criteria due to the enormous negative impact of all aspects of IT from mining, manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal. Below is a bit more information about what is in our equipment and the mining issues.

What should we do?

"It's never been standard industry practice to trace Gold or other raw materials such as Coltan to it's source. Buyers do not ask where it comes from. We need retailers/consumers and institutional procurement managers to demand traceability all the way to the mine. " Matt Johnson - Transend Ltd 

Some Technology Global Consumption facts:

  • The electronics industry now consumes over 60% of the world's annual production of Tantalum (Tantalum plus Columbium equals Coltan)
  • Mining accounts for an estimated 7-10% of the world's energy consumption
  • Electronic and Electrical Products account for about 25% of the copper consumed annually worldwide
  • Producing 1 ton of copper from an open pit mine creates 310 tons of waste rock and ore
  • Electronics products account for about 10% of the worlds annual Gold production which equals about 200 metric tons of Gold per year
  • Approx 15% of the worlds Silver is now used by the electronics industry

  • 22% of the Mercury used Worldwide

 Some Mining Facts 

  • Iron Mining - removes 1 billion tons of ore a year
  • Copper mining - removes 7 billion tons of ore to make just 16 million tons of metal
  • Mining has displaced over 100 million people over the last century
  • Some of the toxic by-products of mining and metals processing - arsenic, mercury, lead and cadmium - travel with run-off into surrounding streams and groundwater
  • Historic copper mine in Butte, Montana; USA has contaminated 120 miles of the Clark Fork River. Residents of Bonner and Milltown have not been able to drink their tap water for many years
  • Copper, lead and zinc plant in La Oraya, Peru, where air emissions have cause virtually all the community's children to suffer lead poisoning
  • Sales of the ore (Coltan) and Gold and Tin have helped finance the brutal fighting within the DRC and between Uganda and Rwanda
  • Prisoners of the Rwanda Patriotic Army were being used as indentured labour to mine Coltan